Inorganic Functional Materials

M.Sc. Hanna Lewitz


Kaiserstraße 2, R.A-203
Phone: +49 431 880-6212



Thin film hydroacoustic sensors

Hanna Lewitz received her M.Sc. degree in material science and engineering in the group for 'Inorganic Functional Materials' at Kiel University and continued pursuing her Ph.D. in the group. Her main research is on design, fabrication and testing of piezoelectric thin film sensors for hydroacoustic measurements. The sensors are based mainly on aluminum nitride (AlN) thin films which are produced by sputter deposition. The produced thin-film hydroacoustic sensors are tested for different application, like noise monitoring and acoustic signal detection e.g. SONAR. The sensor fabrication and testing are part of the project 'Investigations of multi-channel signal processing of thin film sensors' which is a collaboration with the group 'Digital Signal Processing and System Theory' and is financially supported by the 'WTD 71'.


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Scientific Talks

  • H. Lewitz, B. Kaulen, J. Abshagen, G. Schmidt, E. Quandt: Hydroakustische Sensoren auf Basis von piezoelektrischen Aluminiumnitrid Dünnschichten, DAGA, Germany, 2020


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