Inorganic Functional Materials

Dr.-Ing. Prasanth Velvaluri


Kaiserstraße 2, R. A-211
Phone: +49 431 8806206


Prasanth Velvaluri is a post-doctoral candidate working on superelastic thin-film implants based on origami. His focus is on realizing NiTi-based smart patient-specific implants for new age neurological applications. Origami-based designs are attractive for such applications as they can be folded to a fraction of their size while keeping certain regions almost stress-free. He is also responsible for assisting in teaching Analytics and Smart material lectures to material science master students.

He has received his doctoral degree from Kiel University with distinction from the thesis titled "Thin-film flow diverter stents for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms." During his doctoral work, he was part of GRK – 2154 "Materials for Brain," an interdisciplinary research training group. He also visited the working group of Prof. Richard D. James, a distinguished McKnight professor at the University of Minnesota, for his research stay abroad. He obtained his master's from Kiel University, and he also received the best master thesis award during this time.



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