Inorganic Functional Materials

Kiel Nanolaboratory


Inaugurated on August 4th 2008 the new "Kieler Nanolabor" now is a part of the Faculty of Engineering. Beginning in August 2007 the installation of the cleanroom area of 350 m² and technical area of ca. 600m² plus the fitting of the scientific equipment had taken about twelve months. The gray area has the cleanroom category 1000 or ISO category 6, means, there are less than 35000 0.5µm-particle/ m³, 8000 1µm-particle/m³ and 300 5µm-particle/m³. The white area has the cleanroom category ISO 5, which means, there are less than 3500 0.5µm-particle/ m³, 800 1µm-particle/m³ and 30 5µm-particle/m³; compare the diameter of a single hair with about 100µm.

From September 2013 and for two years, the Kiel Nanolab has been extended to the competence center nanosystem technology. This competence center is funded by the Ministry of Economy of the Schleswig-Holstein State and has been established to promote the collaboration between academy and industry. If you want to learn more about the competence center, please follow the link  .