With your password handed out by the IT Group, nearly all computer services at the faculty like mail or desktop login can be used.

Changing password on a Windows PC

When you are logged in with your TF-Account on a Windows PC: Press simultaneously Strg+Alt+Entf resp. Ctrl+Alt+Del and choose Change Password resp. Kennwort ändern.

Changing password on windows remote desktop serverChanging password on a Windows remote desktop server

Please press Start and Windows Sicherheit (see picture). On this way, you can change the password from home, too, by connecting to our Windows servers first. Read more about remote login.

Password requirements

The password must fulfill the following requirements:

1. password length: 12 symbols minimum

2. The password must not contain the username or real name.

3. The password must consist of three different types of the following four symbol groups:

  • Capital letters (A-Z)
  • Small letters (a-z)
  • Numerals (0-9)
  • Special characters: ( ) [ ] { } ? ! $ % & / = * + ~ , . ; : < > - _


Not possible: The password cannot contain the username or parts of the correct name (e.g. Peter or Smith)!

Security. To be considered.

The password you use for the TF email account must never be used for another page! For example, with many Internet services or on company websites you have to register with this email address as the user name. If you use the same password there as you do with your TF account, there is a great risk that hacking this Internet service will also hack the TF account.