Storage capacity (quota)

The storage capacity on the faculty's servers is limited! Therefore, students and staff initially have 100 GB storage limit in their home directory U:\ and 10 GB in the cloud and 10 GB on the Windows Terminal Servers. If your quota needs to be increased, please contact the IT Group.


We recommend to use the following proxy server settings for internet connections from inside the faculty's network: www-cache.tf.uni-kiel.de on port 3128. In Firefox you find this in Tools / Options / Advanced / Network / Settings / Manual Proxy Configuration.

P2P - Filesharing - BitTorrent

Please notice that the use of P2P-, filesharing- and BitTorrent clients is strictly prohibited! Exceptions are allowed for scientific applications only.


Drinking and Eating at the computer workplaces in the mensa, library and the computer labs is not allowed. Furthermore, by definition, it is not possible to leave bottles etc. at the workplaces. Thank you!