Account renewal

Every account has an expiration date. For students, the end of the current semester plus 2 weeks, for employees, the end of the employment contract or "Gestattungsvertrag". Three reminder emails are sent to each account that the account will expire: 60, 30 and 15 days before it expires.

How to proceed to renew the account:


Please send your "Certificate of Student Status" for the coming / current semester to (The Degree Program is stated on the Certificate of Student Status only. Therefore, no other certificate is possible.)


In view of the tense personnel situation (from December 2021), extensions will only be processed in the communication between the IT group, HR office (Ms. Anders) and the secretariats. Employees cannot renew their accounts themselves and should not send any contractual documents to the IT group (this is not permitted for data protection reasons).

It is sufficient if the responsible working group secretariat informs the IT group of the contract or the extension including the expiry date ( as soon as the client has submitted the application. Please do not send any contract documents!

This regulation will be changed again when the personnel situation relaxes so that only the personnel office sends the necessary contract data to the IT group.