Account Creation

As a result of the corona pandemic, "still" the following change in account assignment applies:


... please ask for your account via the responsible secretariat of the working group.

Students ...

... please send the following documents as a scan from your CAU stu account (!) to

  1. Certificate of Student Status (Studienbescheinigung)
  2. Student ID Card (front)
The reply email with your account data will only be sent to your CAU account. For security reasons it is necessary that your request is made from your CAU account!


Account Expiration

While the account is being created, an expiration date is entered. This is either the end date of the contract or the end of the current semester (plus two weeks). You will receive three reminder emails from before your account expires (60, 30 and 15 days before deaktivation), that the account must be renewed. Otherwise it will be deactivated.

A deletion (not deactivation) of the account usually takes place after one year of non-use, unless otherwise agreed. For explicit cancellations, the account can be deleted earlier.


The following is the regulation without a corona pandemic (currently not valid):

Staff members and students of the Faculty of Engineering can obtain an account that allows access to the computer network.

Staff members...

The creation of accounts is handled by the responsible personnel department.

Without a contractual relationship to the Faculty of Engineering, a network account can not be set up.


...have to go to the office of the IT Group during the opening hours to present

  • Student ID with photograph
  • License of study (Studienbescheinigung; must contain your field of study!). This can be shown as a screenshot via smartphone too.

The student accounts are always unlocked for only one semester, so that a semi-annual feedback for re-activation is required.