Microsoft Bundesvertrag

This agreement with Microsoft contains free use of....

  • Windows Enterprise Upgrade / Windows Education Upgrade
  • Office Professional Plus und Office für Mac
  • Core CAL Suite, bestehend aus den folgenden Client-Zugriffslizenzen:
    • Windows Server CAL
    • Sharepoint Standard CAL
    • Exchange Standard CAL
    • System Center Configuration Manager Client Management License


For upgrading the Windows operating system, a so-called basic license must be owned (see glossary). For activation of Windows or Office, the KMS-Server of the computing center of Kiel University must be used (see glossary too, where you can even find hints about how to use the KMS-Server).

The software is rented, not bought. The contract period is always one year. The software use is permitted on faculty computers only.

Activation of Office and Windows - short instructions

Activation takes place via the KMS server of the Computer Centre of CAU

  1. Instructions:
  2. Choose Windows or Office
  3. Follow "Manuelle Aktivierung"
  4. Start CMD window as administrator and then execute the two to three commands shown.

If an activation is not successful, try to enter a KMS Client Setup Key (Windows 7/8/10/2012) resp. Windows 10/2016/2019) that matches your version of Windows under "System Control -> System -> Change Product Key". After reboot, Windows should be activated.

If the key from the paragraph above cannot be entered, please open a command line as administrator and enter the key in the following form (for <KMS-KEY> enter the key from the link above): slmgr.vbs /ipk <KMS-KEY>

Installing Windows 8.1 / 10

There are three things to consider when installing Windows 8.1 / 10:

  1. Skip the input of the installation key. If problems arise, a so-called KMS key can be specified, if later activated via the KMS server of the Computing Centre CAU (see above) (KMS client setup key (in german).
  2. No Microsoft account is required. Windows 8.1: Simply select "Create new account", then click "Login without Microsoft-Account" on the following page. Then enter a local account. Windows 10: Do not specify a Microsoft account, but "Join the domain instead." Enter a local account then.
  3. At setup, three pulldown-menues are shown with locale settings. Here, when i.e. "english" is choosen in one of the menues, it may be, that Windows sets up the incorrect time zone. Then, an activation with KMS does not work. Please control the time and the time zone.

IT Officer

The users get the software via the respective IT officer (german: ITB, IT-Beauftragter) of the various institutes:

  • Institute of Materials Science: Peter Sommer
  • Institute of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Kevin Prehn
  • Central IT administration of TF: Christian Newe


The IT Officer may entrust the management and installation of the software on an employee of the Working Groups.

More information on the side of the computing center under "rent" ("Miete") .