Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Education


The Faculty of Engineering has a subscription to "Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching" (former names: Imagine or Dreamspark or MSDN-AA ...). Students, educators and technical staff can use their TF email address at Microsoft to directly set up an account for the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching workspace. There you can i.a. download various current Windows operating systems. Hints:
  • Commercial use of the software is prohibited.
  • Microsoft Office is not (!) part of the download offer.
  • Educators and technical staff must use or test the Dev Tools for teaching purposes. The software itself must be part of the teaching.

Who is authorized to use?

Only students, teachers and technical staff of the Faculty of Engineering. You verify your status via your email address, which must end either on or on

Where can I install the software?

Students can install the software only on computers that are in their personal possession. Teachers and technical staff can install the software on faculty computers. However, it has to be checked whether the license conditions are really being met in this case. If in doubt, there are also other license modell for computers of the Faculty of Engineering, e.g. from the federal contract.

What are the license terms?

This is a bit confusing. However, it can be assumed that the license conditions largely correspond to the previous conditions (under Microsoft Imagine). Important: The user (and no one else) is responsible for compliance with the license conditions! Link to further information.

How to get access to Microsoft Azure?

With your email address you need to set up an Azure account with Microsoft. E-mail addresses must end with or The IT group of the TF has nothing to do with the creation of accounts. Here's how to set up an Azure account.

How can I download software?

If you have an Azure account (see above), you can download software (such as Windows operating systems) as an ISO image. Click here for the Azure Software page. After logging in, click on "Software", select the desired software and note the installation key.

How can I install a new operating system?

If you have a DVD drive, you can burn the ISO image to a DVD and boot from there. If you do not have a DVD drive or want to save the DVD, you can turn a USB flash drive into a Windows setup boot medium. Windows installation via USB.

Can I borrow Windows on DVD?

Yes. This is still possible for a transitional period. Procedure explained here.