In December 2020, the CAU acquired a multi-year Mathworks campus license that contains Matlab and Simulink. This means that the previous license usage via the IP address ranges of the individual work groups is no longer necessary. Support is provided by the CAU data center. There are three different ways to use Matlab:

  1. ... on a computer permanently installed at the faculty (see following instructions)
  2. ... on a computer / laptop at home (see below under "further information")
  3. ... on a Windows remote desktop server of the Faculty (see Windows Remote Server)


The easiest way to install this on a TF machine:

  1. Download the latest Matlab ISO from \\ \ public \ software \ faculty_special \ matlab \ to the local hard drive
  2. Connect Iso as a drive (usually by right-clicking -> Mount)
  3. Start Setup.exe
  4. Do not enter an email address, but select under Advanced Options: I have a file installation key
  5. Copy and enter the long number sequence from the matlablicense_campuswide_r20xxx.txt file (in the above directory)
  6. For "Select License File" enter the path to the matlablicense_campuswide_r20xxx.txt file
  7. Deselect everything that is not required under "Select Products"! (Otherwise the total installation would be at least 25 GB).
  8. If you get an error message when starting Matlab that the computer does not receive a license, the computer IP is probably not yet entered in the CAU data center. Then please write an email to the data center ( with the request to assign a designated / computer-bound license to the computer IP.

Mac and Linux users please read the readme-xxx.txt in the above-mentioned directory to download their ISOs

User group:

  • Employees and students with a valid CIM ID
  • Visiting researchers with CAU email address


Can be installed ...

  • at home with an individual license (using the CAU Matlab portal)
  • at workplaces of the Faculty of Engineering
  • Special case that apparently still works: Use of Matlab at home via VPN. Installation as on the TF (plus VPN). In order for the PC / notebook to get a license at home, the computer name (Windows name) must be communicated to the CAU data center (email see below).


Further information: