Anti Virus

Campus License

The University has a campus license of the antivirus software Sophos Antivirus. Students and staff can use it at work and at home for free. The following version is the usually the right one for:

  • without a Hermes mail account
  • without RMS (Remote Management System)
  • without Client Firewall

  Side of the computing center CAU.

Please note that for licensing reasons for external use outside the CAU network (for example on laptops or home workstations), Sophos Anti-Virus needs to be updated once a year manually. Therefore, the installation file has to be downloaded on a CAU-Computer to an usb stick and has to be installed via usb stick. Or the computer in question must, for example, connect (via VPN) to the CAU network once.

Freeware Virus Scanners

Microsoft Windows already has a virus scanner on board, which, according to many experts, now provides at least average virus detection. If you don't want to rely on it, you can install one of the many virus scanners which are (permanently) free in the basic version.

An up-to-date overview of (free) virus scanners is available on the ad-supported page