Antivirus Software

Campus license

The university has a campus license for the Sophos software. Sophos is a cybersecurity software suite that includes functionality known by the traditional term "antivirus software." Students and employees can use the software free of charge.

The TF computers are not connected to the central administration environment of the CAU computing center (Rechenzentrum). Therefore, if desired, you have to install Sophos manually.

Business and private

When used on work and private computers, different Sophos versions with different installation paths must be used. Please refer to the german (!) CAU computing center's corresponding Sophos page (at the bottom under "Download links") for more information. (The english Website contains outdated data (04/2024)).

Freeware virus scanner

Microsoft Windows already has a virus scanner on board, which, according to many experts, now delivers averagely good virus detection. If you don't trust it and don't want to use Sophos, you can install one of the many virus scanners, the basic version of which is (permanently) free.

A current overview of various (including free) virus scanners is available from Stiftung Warentest and the ad-supported pages and