Origin campus license

The Institute for Material Science has been participating in the Origin campus license since November 2020. The software can be installed by students and employees of the CAU at no additional cost.

There are two license modes: The personal license is best suited to install Origin at home on your home computer or notebook. The network license is best suited for stationary workstation computers and servers that are located in the network of the Faculty of Engineering (Kaiserstr.).

Installation with a personal license for home use

  1. Create a user account on originlab.com with the tf email address (Login -> Create an account).
  2. Register. Download the current Origin version (Downloads -> Origin Current Version Installer)
  3. Start setup after downloading.
  4. You need a serial number and later a product key to activate it. Click the following link: http://www.originlab.com/restricted/RequestAC.aspx?A=REBDB8606717DA67 At the top of the page you find the serial number. Use it for setup. Also call up "Request". This will send you the product key via email.
  5. After the installation, start Origin. Enter the product key. You will receive a success message if everything went well. If you have not received the product key following the above procedure:
    1. Go to https://www.originlab.com/restricted/Reg_sn_admin.aspx (you must be logged in)
    2. The serial number is at the bottom left. Click on it.
    3. The product number is now at the bottom left. When you start Origin you can enter it.

If you want to use this license on another computer later, you have to deactivate the old license via your Origin user account (Licensing -> Manage my Licenses).

Installation with network license on a stationary PC

The PC must be within the Faculty's network and have an IP-Address from the normal intranet. An Origin user account is not required. However, you can create an account to download the latest version of Origin if necessary (then point 1 is not applicable).

  1. Download the Origin source files (via the file manager) from \\dekanat.tf.uni-kiel.de\public\software\faculty_special\origin\campus. Alternative download of the latest version from originlab.com.
  2. When starting the setup you will be asked for the serial number. This you will find in the above mentioned directory in the file license-data.txt.
  3. When you start Origin for the first time, the data from the license server (in the computing center of the university) is queried. This data is also in license-data.txt. Pay attention to the subsequent (success) message.

Hint: Origin is also installed on the Windows Remote Desktop Servers of the Faculty. Therefore there is no need for local installation.


Change the display language to English: In the Help menu -> Change language!