WLAN / Wi-Fi

If you have problems, please use the data center configuration wizard first. You can download a specific wizard for each operating system (laptops and smartphones) (under "einen anderen Installer auswählen").

The WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network; also called WiFi) at the Faculty of  Engineering is part of the campus wide WiFi network eduroam. To use eduroam, you need an account of the data center (Rechenzentrum). Students get this account with matriculation, employees have to apply for an account with  form Nr. 1 -> Restricted dial-up access.

The configuration of eduroam usually works automatically on notebooks and smartphones. But two points should be noticed:

  • The username is <cau-shortname>@uni-kiel.de. There is no mail or email in the username!
  • The password is given by the data center.


If you have problems, please follow the instructions on the data center website.


Using a notebook / laptop

When using a notebook or laptop, for security reasons please ensure that the following programs are up-to-date:

  • Operating System (automatic updates turned on)
  • Virus scanner
  • Browser (i.e. Firefox, Chrome) and their plugins and AddOns.


Deleting WiFi ProfileFirst troubleshooting

Sometimes Windows laptops can not connect, although the eduroam is visible and it had worked earlier. With some luck, the following trick, deleting the saved WiFi Profile, will help:

  • Open command line window with: Start -> Run -> cmd
  • type: netsh wlan show profiles. This displays all stored wlan profiles. One of them is called "eduroam".
  • type: netsh wlan delete profile name="eduroam"

Then restart the WiFi device once. Now the Eduroam should ask for giving in the access data and should work.