VPN - Introduction

For using some resources of the Faculty of Engineering and the Kiel University from outside the campus, establishing a VPN client connection is often necessary. About VPN a secure connection is initiated, in which the client computer at home receives an additional IP address from the address area of the Faculty .

With VPN usable resources may be

  • Login on Remote Desktop Servers (RDP/VNC/NX/...)
  • Connecting Samba drives
  • Certain literature inquiry
  • Workgroup specific IT systems


The following instructions (see menue on the left) will help you installing and troubleshooting a VPN-Client on your computer.

Please note that the TF operates its own VPN, which has nothing to do with the VPN of the CAU resp. the data center. If you want to connect to the CAU VPN, for which you need a data center account, please visit the data center VPN page.