Installation and Use


Due to the large number of different operating systems and versions, the IT Group supports Windows Operating Systems only. For VPN on macOS you can use another guide: Configuration of Tunnelblick on macOS.


  • Internet access
  • Administrator rights
  • TF Account

Installation steps

  1. Download the OpenVPN Windows installer on i.e. "Windows 64-bit MSI installer"
  2. Install the OpenVPN client with explicit (!) administrator rights (right click on the installation file -> "Run as administrator")
  3. Download the extracted TF connection profiles to the config directory (%ProgramFiles%\OpenVPN\config)
  4. Run the OpenVPN GUI with explicit (!) administrator rights ( "Run as administrator")
  5. Select a connection profile and connect (see TF connection profiles)
  6. Authenticate with TF-Account (no prefix "TF \"!)


Detailed step-by-step guide: Installing and using a VPN client at the Faculty of Engineering

Using the VPN-Connection.

When a VPN-connection is established, your computer acts as if it was inside the faculty. Two examples of connecting to the faculty's ressources can be found here.