Windows Remote Server

Connection to Windows remote desktop server

RemotedesktopFrom your extern working place you can connect to our remote desktop servers resp. In Windows please use the program remotedesktopconnection (to be found in the startmenue folder Accessoires resp. Windows Accessoires). Unix/Linux users can use an rdesktop client like MacOS users can download a corresponding app from the App Store or e.g. here.

Please notice:

  • Username: You need to add "tf" followed by a backslash before your username, i.e. tf\abcd.
  • Data Transfer: To transfer data between our Windows server and your local computer, you have to map the drives in the optional settings. This is explained in an instructive sheet of paper (pdf).
  • Display language: The Windows Remote Desktop Servers Spiderman and Jupiter display german by default. To change this to english please read these instructions, that you will find on the desktop of the servers as well. The effect takes place not only for the menu and messages of the operating system, but for the printer properties, too.
  • These servers are not high availability servers. Although use is not limited, the servers are rebooted at least once a month between the second Tuesday of the month and the following wednesday (Windows security updates). Security and maintenance may require a more frequent server restart.
  • Connect from home: If you want to connect from home (not from the faculty) via Remotedesktop, you have to establish a VPN connection first. This is explained here.


Data transfer via SAMBA

If you only want to transfer data without the need of a remotedesktop, you can connect to the samba shares of the tf-network directly. Just type \\<yourhomeserver> into the address bar of the windows explorer (i.e. \\ and give in your login data (remember the tf\ before your username).

Since 2019/2020, all newly created home directories are on \\ Older home directories can be on \\, for example, or on a workgroup server such as \\<workgroup name>

This works for group directories (samba shares for groups) as well.

Connect from home

If you´d like to use these connections (Remote Desktop or Samba) from outside the faculty, you have to setup and start the VPN service first. This is explained here.

Further notes concerning data transfer

  • Transferring data can be more comfortable with the cloud service. Please read more here.
  • FTP and SSH connections are not supported.