Printing for students

There are 3 printers available to students:

  • Mensa printing room: Brother 6400 (black&white)
  • Mensa printing room: Lexmark C 748 (color)
  • PC lab in building F: Brother 6400 (black&white)



  • Black&White 3 ct per side, 2 ct per duplex side (means: 4 ct per duplex sheet)
  • Color 10 ct per side, 8 ct per duplex side (means: 16 ct per duplex sheet)


Prepay printquota

Students have to prepay before printing. Make a deposit of at least 5 Euro (per deposit) in room A-021a at Ms. Hacker´s office (Opening hours from Monday to Thursday 9:00 - 11:15 and 13:00 - 14:00). You will receive a receipt for your deposit which you have to bring to room A-021 (Mr. Firnau) to fill up your print quota. (If room A-021 is closed, go to Mr. Newe in room A-007).

Check printquota

You can check your printquota as follows:

  • On the Windows Remote Desktop Servers batman and spiderman with the desktop icon Check your Printquota. Simply give in your login data and follow the instructions.
  • On stand alone computer Burn in the PC lab in Building F. Click on the tray icon Print Manager Plus - Client.
  • On the flatbed scan Computer in the Library. Click on the tray icon Print Manager Plus - Client.


Lower printing costs

You can reduce printing costs by printing on both sides (duplex) and by printing multiple pages on one sheet. Please read the PDF Printing On The Student Printers.