Computer Labs

The IT Group operates 2 computer labs:

Computer Labor in BThe computer lab in Building G (Room: G-SR1) is equipped with 18 computer workstations (Windows)  and 1 additional computer for the lecturer. 1 projector/beamer is mounted on the ceiling. On the workstations the usual programs are installed (MS Office, LibreOffice, Matlab, Abaqus, other scientific software, tools). There is an additional HDMI connection to the projector for a possible lecturer's notebook. A TF account is required to log on to the computers (alternatively, an internship account given out by the lecturer).

Please contact Mr. Newe before booking the room to discuss, whether the hard- and software requirements are met. The lecturer opens and closes the room. (The building technology enters the locking authorization).



Computer Labor in FThe computer lab in Building F is equipped with 13 PC terminals. 1 projector/beamer is mounted on the ceiling (VGA and HDMI connection on the power strip on the left). You log on to a Windows server via RDP and need a TF account for this (alternatively, an internship account that a lecturer gives out).

This room is available for free student work during the day, but reservation is possible for individual events. Then please clarify with Mr. Newe whether the terminals (RDP clients) fulfill the requirements. The room is usually open all day.