Using https://webmail.tf.uni-kiel.de you can manage your emails worldwide. Use your loginname for login, i.e. abc or stu123456.

Create filter rules and handle emails

By clicking the gear wheel in the upper right corner you can open the webmail settings. Here you can define certain filters for incoming mail. These let you automatically filter your email for freely defined keywords and define an action for each email. Common uses are

  • spam filtering (already installed by default, see spam filtering webpage)
  • moving messages from the inbox to certain (freely defined) mail folders
  • delete messages silently
  • forward to another email address. You can decide, which emails shall be forwarded and whether an email copy shall be remain. Instructions.
  • automatic email answer in case of a vacation (but keep the rule for SPAM on top). Instructions.
  • Move e-mails marked as spam to the inbox  Instructions


Hint: Test the new rules!