Spam Filtering

Every email coming into the faculty is scanned automatically for spam parameters and gets spam points for its characteristics. If the email scores enough points, then it will be considered as spam and gets an additional remark in the so called mail header with spam-status: yes. This remark can be read by your mail filter.

This mail filtering is defined by default for every mailaccount at the faculty, so that mails considered as spam are moved to the mailfolder called spam.


  • Spamfiltering can be changed, completed or disabled by the user in the webmailer. Go to Einstellungen / Filters / Spam (see picture below).
  • Please be aware, that Emails are not deleted when they are moved to the spamfolder. This has to be done by you.
  • Very rarely, a wanted email can be considered as spam and can be moved to the spam folder. So please check the spam folder carefully before deletion.


Setting up spam filtering rules in the webmailer

spamfilterregelPlease follow the 3 steps to set up the spam filtering rule. (to enlarge, click  on the picture)


Add your own spam filter rule

For example, if you want to automatically move emails from a specific sender to the spam folder:

  • Open the spam filter: Settings -> Filters -> Spam
  • There under "Rules" or "For incoming messages" click on the +-sign
  • Set up the rule accordingly (see following figure)


Setting up a Spammail Filtering Rule