The following settings work from home and at the Faculty


Thunderbird starts with the setup. After giving in "Your name" and "Email address" click "Configure manually...".

TB 1

In the following, enter the specified values ​​under "INCOMING" and "OUTGOING". Make sure that the username is only your login and not the email address! By clicking on "Re-test" you can see whether everything is set correctly.

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Final configuration:

1. Message Synchronizing

Thunderbird switches on the so-called Message Synchronization as standard. This must be switched off when used within the faculty's network, because, among other things, it slows down the network connection and the login process. Go to Tools -> Account Settings -> Synchronization & Storage and switch off Message Synchronization.

If emails have already been synchronized, it is advisable to delete them. With Thunderbird closed, please delete all data in the directory C: \ Users \ <username> \ AppData \ Roaming \ thunderbird \ profiles \ <profile directory> \ imapmail \ Then restart Thunderbird.

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2. Junk Settings

Since we have our own spam filter, the Thunderbird junk filter is superfluous and confusing. Go to Tools -> Account Settings or Extras -> Konteneinstellungen. There choose "Junk Settings" and deactivate the check box.