TF cloud discontinued

The IT group operated a cloud service since 2016. Initially conceived as a pure calendar solution, further components were added over time. The provider (nextcloud) has changed its license policy and charges fees for a certain number of users. Since the data center of the CAU offers the same service (on a larger scale), the TF cloud was switched off at the end of May 2023.
Until then, calendars, data and releases must be migrated to the CAU cloud.
The CAU Cloud ( works with the known CAU identifiers (sut...,stu...). You can see whether you have access to the CAU Cloud in the CIM under self-assessment. If no "CAU-Cloud" is displayed there, you must apply for access with form No. 1 New and additional services.

Migration calendar TF-Cloud -> CAU-Cloud

  1. Calendar migrations must always be carried out by the person who created the calendar and shared it with others if necessary!
  2. Click on the three dots next to the calendar in the TF cloud, select "Export" and save the file
  3. In the CAU-Cloud, click on "Calendar settings" in the lower left corner of the calendar app and select "Import calendar". Then you select the file name and a window opens. ATTENTION: There you select "Calendar to be imported into" there: "New calendar" and click "Import calendar"
  4. If the calendar is to be shared with other people, please note that the user names in the CAU cloud (e.g. "sutde123" etc.) are different from those in the TF.

Migration of data from TF cloud -> CAU cloud

  • This should be done by the person who physically owns the data or has shared it with others.
  • Simply download and upload again to the CAU cloud. Possibly set up the shares again.


Infos RZ CAU-Cloud

  • General: LINK
  • Calendars: LINK
  • Synchronise Calendars using Thunderbird: LINK