Our Network

The IT Group administrates the central computer network. It cares about the faculty's adminstration and is available to the administrators and technicians of the workgroups. Also, in some chairs, it manages the computer equipment directly.

In summary, the IT Group has the following areas of work (selection):

  • planning and development of the network infrastructure. Monitoring of network components.
  • supporting the departmental users (deans office, building service, center for material analysis, financial office, examination office, library, engineering workshop) and their workplaces and special software
  • advising IT professionals in the professorial working groups
  • 2 computer labs with nearly 30 workstations
  • consultation and implementation in faculty wide software and hardware purchasing
  • setting up user accounts including email, storage space, web space, remote access etc.
  • student's support (network accounts etc.)


Network services administrated by the IT Group (eclectic):


Network infrastructure

  • dedicated data line (1000 MBit) to the campus network, firewalled
  • about 1200 completively switched 100/1000 MBit network connections to workplaces and IP-devices
  • multi glass fiber cables between the buildings A to G, switched with 1 GBit each


Workplaces and user accounts

  • more than 900 workplaces with Microsoft Windows and few Linux and Unix on the desktop
  • about 100 network printers
  • more than 1200 faculty wide user accounts (including about 600 students and 120 exercise accounts)