Hardware Purchase

Since November 2020, individual PC parts have also been available from Bechtle in the CAU webshop. It includes i.a. Hard disks, SSDs, memories, graphics cards and server processors.

Generally, computer hardware like PC, monitors, notebooks, printers and, since Nov. 2020, individual PC parts) will be ordered via one of the online webshops of the CAU (Framework Agreements). Exceptions are only permitted in justified cases (i.e. servers or special configured computers), where the procurement then must be done through the procurement office of the CAU.

Since 2023, certain computers and monitors, that are not included in the Bechtle CAU-Webshop but in the normal Bechtle Webshop, can be ordered by email. More Information on the Webpage of the data center (link below).

A direct order of computers, monitors, laptops and printers without using the  Hardware-Framework-Contract or consultating the procuring office is strictly prohibited. This even applies to the procurement from third-party funds (Beschaffung aus Drittmitteln).

For spare parts or upgrades, there is a de minimis limit for small IT requirements of 150 Euros (net; this limit has been changed and was previously 500 Euros). Quote: "In addition, small IT requirements (hardware/software and used devices that are more than 3 years old), which are not available via a framework agreement, can only be used in exceptional cases (per purchase) up to an order value of €150 (excluding VAT) be procured directly in a decentralized manner. The budgetary principles of economy and thrift must be observed."

  • More information can be found on the webpage Hardware-Framework-Contract of the data center. There are also other links like to the web shops and the central purchasing office.
  • Our contact person in the purchasing office is Mr. Thamm, Head Procurement Unit, email : athamm@uv.uni-kiel.de.