The use of the library is - under the conditions, defined by the house rules - free. However, to borrow media, a valid user card would be needed. An online apply for a user card can be given by the quick links at the right (Online Reader Registration).

Terms of Use for the Kiel University Library

How to apply for a user card

Informationen about the inventory


You can borrow up to 10 textbooks, which have blue shelfmark labels and in addition to this up to 25 other books from the main department of the university library. The loan period is 28 days. As long as there are no reservations, you can extend textbooks up to 8 times in the online library catalog. 

Books from the presence stock, which have white shelfmark labels, can only be borrowed over the weekend – from Friday noon to Monday morning. .


Please keep an eye on your user account. Otherwise it can quickly become very expensive. The user account is to be found at the right, in the Quicklinks .

Overdue fines:

  1. Fine: 2,50 Euro per medium
  2. Fine: 8 Euro per medium
  3. Fine: 15 Euro per medium

With a fee debit of 20 euros or more, the user account is automatically locked. Borrowings, renewals and so on, are then no longer possible.

Books, which are overdue, can not be renewed online.

In that case come with the books to us or to the circulation desk of the main library please and be prepared to pay your fees.

The books must be returned, but can usually be reloaned immediately.