Master's Thesis


Bewerbung You will finish your Master's studies with your Master's thesis. The legal framework for this can be found in the Examination Regulations for the Master's degree program in Electrical and Information Engineering.

The Master's thesis is scheduled for the thirds semester and you will write it at a chair of the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering.

Admission to the Master's thesis is granted to students who have acquired and proven at least 45 credit points for the Master's degree and who have fulfilled any conditions imposed as part of the program admission. In justified exceptional cases, the chairperson of the examination board may also admit you to the Master's thesis if you have earned less than the 45 credit points mentioned. However, any conditions imposed as part of the admission to the program must be fulfilled by the time you are admitted to the Master's thesis.

You can complete your Master's thesis at a chair of your choice, but there is no right to a thesis at a specific chair. Address the question of at which chair you would like to write your thesis in good time. The courses will give you first insights into the working areas of the chairs. It is not mandatory to have attended certain courses in order to be able to write your thesis at a certain chair. However, it makes sense to have attended several courses at the chair where you want to write your Master's thesis during your studies.

The chairs provide information about possible topics in various ways: you will find announcements, for example, on the notice boards of the chairs or on their websites. You are also welcome to contact the professors and their research assistants and ask them about possible topics. In order to be able to offer you theses related to current research work, the corresponding topics are sometimes only worked out concretely when the chairs receive a request for a thesis.

In individual cases, theses in cooperation with the industry are offered. If you are interested in a thesis in a company, please contact the chairs whose research topics interest you and clarify whether they currently offer a Master's thesis in cooperation with a company. Since Master's theses at the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering can only be issued and supervised by professors and private lecturers working at the Institute, it is also mandatory to be supervised by a chair of the Institute in case of a thesis in the industry.

Once you have found a topic, submit an application for admission to the Master's thesis to the Examinations Office for Electrical and Information Engineering. You will find the relevant form on the website of the Examinations Office. It is recommended that you submit the application one to two weeks before the planned start of work on the thesis. As soon as you have submitted your application to the Examinations Office, the staff there will check whether you meet the admission requirements. If this is not the case, the chairperson of the examination board will check whether you will be granted an exemption and thus still be allowed to start your Master's thesis. As soon as the necessary decisions have been made, the examination office will inform both you and the chair where you would like to write your master's thesis about the result.

Please note the further training offers for academic work and in particular for academic writing, which are offered by the university library, among others. The "on demand" workshop "Academic Writing" by service center employee Michael Meißer is available to you directly at the Faculty of Engineering. Please feel free to get in touch with him.

Bio-inspired Computation

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Jan Steinkühler

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Stephan Pachnicke
Computational Electromagnetics

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Ludger Klinkenbusch
Digital Signal Processing and System Theory

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt
Information and Coding Theory

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Peter A. Höher
Integrated Systems and Photonics

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Martina Gerken
Microwave Engineering

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Michael Höft

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Hermann Kohlstedt
Networked Electronic Systems

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Robert Rieger
Power Electronics

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Marco Liserre
Theoretical Electrical Engineering

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Jan Trieschmann