Industrial Internship


In the course of your studies, you must complete an industrial internship in accordance with the examination regulations for your degree program. Please note that you usually have to apply for an attractive internship position very early. It is advisable to send your application three months in advance. Use internet research in particular for your search and make a personal hit list of the companies that come into question for you. This list of companies for internship can give you a starting point (only accessible TF-internally or via VPN). By attending discussion groups, by talking to professors and staff, you have the opportunity to gain valuable contacts and to find internship positions that are particularly suitable for you.

Note that you must have your current resume and all relevant certificates available. Common practice today is the digitalized application in the form of a pdf document or/and use of online solutions for the collection of applications, which you will encounter especially at large companies. Larger companies have usually created a separate section for internships on their websites. With startups as well as small and medium-sized companies, on the other hand, you will often have to pick up the phone to inquire about the possibility of an internship.

If you are planning an internship abroad during your studies, assume preparation periods of at least 12 months. Therefore, take care of the question of which institutions can support you in the search and realization of the internship abroad very early and inform yourself comprehensively about the procedure. You can find initial information on internships abroad here.

Internship contracts are generally issued by the respective hiring company. In individual cases, especially with smaller companies, such templates may not be available. In these (rare) cases, the sample internship contract of the Faculty of Engineering can be used.

Here you will find information on insurance coverage during the internship.

Please remember to register your industrial internship at the examination office. To do so, fill out the corresponding registration form and submit it to the Examinations Office for Electrical and Information Engineering.

An internship report must be prepared for an internship. It must contain a well-formulated documentation in essay form (work report), tabular weekly overviews (weekly reports) and a certificate from the employer. Please note the following:

  • Work and weekly reports must be signed off by the supervisor. It is sufficient here that the reports are signed once collectively after completion of the internship.
  • The work report should provide factual information about the work you have carried out and be structured according to projects. The report should be limited in its presentation to the context necessary for the activities presented. Detailed measurement results, for example, are not required. A narrative from the first-person perspective is possible.
  • For a practice of 10 weeks, the report - including sketches, schematics, etc. - should be about 10-20 pages long. Figures should be limited to a meaningful depiction of activity. Illustrative photos or brochures are not permitted. More detailed information on the report can be found in the examination regulations.
  • In the weekly reports, the work carried out each day is to be stated in tabular form in key words, stating the duration as well as the total daily working time.

All regulations concerning the reports can be found in the internship regulations of your subject. They are part of the respective examination regulations, which you can find here:


For the recognition of your industrial internship, please submit your internship report digitally to the Examination Office for Electrical and Information Engineering. Please make sure that your report fulfills all requirements according to the examination regulations, otherwise a recognition is unfortunately not possible. Please expect a processing time of usually two to three weeks for the recognition of an industrial internship. If, due to a provisional Master's enrollment, the recognition of the industrial internship needs to be completed by the deadline for the Bachelor's degree (10.06. in the summer semester, 10.12. in the winter semester), the complete internship report must be submitted by 15.05. at the latest in the summer semester and by 15.11. at the latest in the winter semester.

Do you have questions about the industrial internship that we have not answered on this page? In case of questions regarding the content of the internship reports, please contact Prof. Trieschmann, who checks the internship reports. In case of formal questions, please contact the Examination Office for Electrical and Information Engineering. On the FAQ page of the Examination Office for Electrical and Information Engineering we have summarized the answers to frequently asked questions about the industrial internship.

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