The Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is integrated into the system of research focus areas, collaborative research centres, and clusters of excellence at Kiel University, as well as external competence centres. Existing co-operations at the international level are continually being deepened and consistently expanded based on their research focus topics. In accordance with the founding mission of the Faculty of Engineering, moreover, work on research topics takes place in the context of industrial co-operations focused on scientific work.

Faculty focus areas

A faculty focus area, as defined by the university, is a "preferably interdisciplinary field of research that stands out within a faculty due to particular scientific achievement (publications, technology transfer, external grants, or the like) and whose research is nationally visible to a remarkable extent." The Institute of EE&IT acts within the faculty focus areas of Information Engineering and Nanosystems Technology.

Collaborative research centres

One important priority in selecting research directions is interdisciplinarity, which can particularly be seen in the involvement of the Institute of EE&IT in the collaborative research centre „Magnetoelectric Sensors: From Composite Materials to Biomagnetic Diagnostics“ (SFB 1261) founded in 2010.         SFB 1261

Cluster of excellence

The Institute of EE&IT also participates in the cluster of excellence "The Future Ocean".

Competence centres

The Institute of EE&IT is involved in two competence centres:

Chairs and Professorships