Robots and robotic systems have been part of our living environment for many decades. They are used in particular where processes require maximum precision (medical technology), repeatability (automotive construction) or are characterized by monotonous (analysis technology, production technology), dangerous (painting, welding) or arduous (component handling) work. The exploration of space is also largely taken over by robotic systems.

Despite previous achievements, robotics is characterized by challenges in terms of control and regulation and the introduction of adaptive strategies - especially artificial intelligence.


Further details and selected projects
Biomagnetic Sensors - SFB 1261
Neuronal Electronics: bio-inspired information technology - SFB 1461
Bio-inspired Computation

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Jan Steinkühler

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Stephan Pachnicke
Computational Electromagnetics

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Ludger Klinkenbusch
Digital Signal Processing and System Theory

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt
Information and Coding Theory

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Peter A. Höher
Integrated Systems and Photonics

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Martina Gerken
Microwave Engineering

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Michael Höft

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Hermann Kohlstedt
Networked Electronic Systems

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Robert Rieger
Power Electronics

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Marco Liserre
Theoretical Electrical Engineering

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Jan Trieschmann