Combined Complex-Source Beam and Spherical-Multipole Analysis for the Electromagnetic Probing of Conical Structures (Invited)

Nov 21, 2016

Authors: L. Klinkenbusch and H. Brüns

Quotation: Comptes Rendus de L'Académie des Sciences - Physique, Volume 17, Issue 9, November 2016, Pages 960–965

Chair of Computational Electromagnetics

Beam Diffraction by a Wedge: Exact and Complex Rays Solutions

Nov 21, 2016

Authors: M. Katsav, E. Heyman, L. Klinkenbusch

Quotation: IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 62, 3731-40, 2014.

Chair of Computational Electromagnetics

Inversion-Fased Feedforward Control Design for the Droop Model

Nov 21, 2016


Authors: A. Schaum, T. Meurer

Quotation: Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 37, 1601-1606, 2015

Chair of Automatic Control

T. Meurer

Low-Complexity Adaptive Threshold Detection for Molecular Communication

Nov 21, 2016


Authors: M. Damrath and P. A. Hoeher

Quotation: IEEE Trans. Nanobioscience, (Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 200-208), April 2016

Chair of Information and Coding Theory

P. Hoeher

Exchange Biased Magnetoelectric Composites for Magnetic Field Sensor Application by Frequency Conversion

Nov 21, 2016


Authors: V. Robisch, E. Yarar, N.O. Urs, I. Teliban, R. Knöchel, J. McCord, E. Quandt, D. Meyners

Quotation: Journal of Applied Physics, 117, 17B513, (2015)

Chair of Microwave Engineering

M. Hoeft

Adaptive Readout Schemes for Thin-Film Magnetoelectric Sensors Based on the delta-E Effect

Nov 21, 2016


Authors: J. Reermann, S. Zabel, Ch. Kirchhof, E. Quandt, F. Faupel, G. Schmidt

Quotation: IEEE Sensors Journal, Volume 16, Number 12, Pages 4891-4900, June 2016

Chair of Digital Signal Processing

G. Schmidt

Synchronization of two memristively coupled van der Pol oscillators

Nov 21, 2016


Authors: M. Ignatov, M. Hansen, M. Ziegler, H. Kohlstedt

Quotation: Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 084105 (2016)

Chair of Nano Electronics

H. Kohlstedt

Tunable WDM-PON System with Centralized Wavelength Control

Nov 21, 2016


Authors: S. Pachnicke, J. Zhu, M. Lawin, M. H. Eiselt, S. Mayne, B. Quemeneur, D. Sayles, H. Schwuchow, A. Wonfor, P. Marx, M. Fellhofer, P. Neuber, M. Dietrich, M. J. Wale, R.V. Penty, I. H. White, J.-P. Elbers

Quotation: IEEE J. Lightw. Technol. (JLT), Vol. 34, No. 2, pp. 812-818, January 2016.

Chair of Communications

S. Pachnicke

Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Cantilever Magnetoelectric Sensors

Nov 21, 2016


Authors: J. L. Gugat; M. C. Krantz; J. Schmalz; M. Gerken

Quotation: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Volume: PP Issue: 99 (2016)

Chair of Integrated Systems and Photonics

M. Gerken

A Review of Passive Power Filters for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Voltage-Source Converters

Nov 21, 2016


Authors: R. N. Beres, X. Wang, M. Liserre, F. Blaabjerg and C. L. Bak

Quotation: IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics - (Volume: 4, Issue: 1), December 2015

Chair of Power Electronics

M. Liserre
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