The Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (EE&T) currently comprises ten chairs on the Ostufer campus of the Faculty of Engineering, along with one chair in connection with the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology (ISIT) in Itzehoe.

Current Chairs and Professors
Chair of "Digital Signal Processing and System Theory" Prof. Schmidt
Professorship for "Electrical Power Devices" Prof. Kapels (ISIT)
Chair of "Microwave Engineering" Prof. Höft
Chair of "Information and Coding Theory" Prof. Höher
Chair of "Integrated Systems and Photonics" Prof. Gerken
Chair of "Power Electronics" Prof. Liserre
Chair of "Communications" Prof. Pachnicke
Chair of "Nano Electronics Prof. Kohlstedt
Chair of "Computational Electromagnetics" Prof. Klinkenbusch
Chair of "Automatic Control" Prof. Meurer
Professorship for "Sensor System Electronics" Prof. Bahr
Chair of "Networked Electronic Systems" Prof. Rieger


At this Page, you can find Emeriti and retired professors.

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