The Department of Electrical and Information Engineering currently comprises eleven chairs on the Ostufer campus of the Faculty of Engineering, along with one chair in connection with the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology (ISIT) in Itzehoe.


Current Chairs and Professors
Chair of Automation and Control PD Dr. Alexander Schaum
Professorship for Bio-inspired Computation Prof. Dr. Jan Steinkühler
Chair of Digital Signal Processing and System Theory Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt
Professorship for Electrical Power Devices Prof. Dr. Holger Kapels (ISIT)
Chair of Microwave Engineering Prof. Dr. Michael Höft
Chair of Information and Coding Theory Prof. Dr. Peter Höher
Chair of Integrated Systems and Photonics Prof. Dr. Martina Gerken
Chair of Power Electronics Prof. Dr. Marco Liserre
Chair of Communications Prof. Dr. Stephan Pachnicke
Chair of Nano Electronics Prof. Dr. Hermann Kohlstedt
Chair of Computational Electromagnetics Prof. Dr. Ludger Klinkenbusch
Professorship for Sensor System Electronics Prof. Dr. Andreas Bahr
Professorship for Theoretical Electrical Engineering Prof. Dr. Jan Trieschmann
Chair of Networked Electronic Systems Prof. Dr. Robert Rieger


Partner Memberships at the Faculty of Engineering (within the Department)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabah Badri-Höher (FH Kiel)
Prof. Dr. Achim Walter (Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences)


Emeriti and Retired Professors
Allgemeine und Theoretische Elektrotechnik Prof. Dr. Heinz Dirks
Halbleitertechnik Prof. Dr. Peter Seegebrecht
Hochfrequenztechnik Prof. Dr. Reinhard Knöchel
Leistungselektronik und Elektrische Antriebe Prof. Dr. Friedrich Fuchs
Nachrichten- und Übertragungstechnik Prof. Dr. Werner Rosenkranz
Netzwerk- und Systemtheorie Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heute
Regelungs- und Automatisierungstechnik Prof. Dr. Helmut Röck
Technologie Silizium-basierter Mikro- und Nanosysteme Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Benecke
Bio-inspired Computation

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Jan Steinkühler

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Stephan Pachnicke
Computational Electromagnetics

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Ludger Klinkenbusch
Digital Signal Processing and System Theory

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt
Information and Coding Theory

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Peter A. Höher
Integrated Systems and Photonics

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Martina Gerken
Microwave Engineering

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Michael Höft

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Hermann Kohlstedt
Networked Electronic Systems

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Robert Rieger
Power Electronics

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Marco Liserre
Sensor System Electronics

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Andreas Bahr
Theoretical Electrical Engineering

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Jan Trieschmann