Prerequisites for a successful application

Is there a minimum grade or CGPA that one must have achieved on the Bachelor's degree in order to be admitted to the Master's degree programme?

In order to be admitted to the Master's programme, you do not need to have a certain minimum grade or CGPA in your Bachelor's degree. However, you must have a Bachelor's degree equivalent to the Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Kiel University. If this is not the case, but there are only a few deviations, you can be admitted to the Master's degree programme under certain conditions. In addition to the Master's degree modules and examinations you must then take examinations from the Bachelor's degree programme of Kiel University. Whether you have a suitable degree and what conditions you may be subject to will be decided by the reviewers during the regular application procedure.


I would like to apply for the Master's degree programme for the forthcoming semester but I have not yet completed my Bachelor's degree programme. So I can only send my university transcripts but not my degree certificate. Is this acceptable?

Many applicants receive their Bachelor's degree at a later point in time and thus after the closing date for applications. We will accept your application without the official Bachelor's degree certificate. But if you are admitted to the degree programme, this is considered provisional admission until the International Center of Kiel University received the Bachelor's degree certificate.
Please note that it is mandatory to submit a current Transcript of Records, including GPA and grading system in any case!


Which English language skills are required and which certificates are accepted?




Please notice that  for the new application period  for Wintersemester 2021/22  English knowledge must be mandatory proofed by  a GRE test only! ( Our Institutional Code therefore is: 7144 . Minimum Score 145. TOEFL, IELTS or similar test results are only optional but not admissible and cannot replace GRE test results


Is knowledge of German important for participation in the degree programme?

The degree programme is completely taught in English. Knowledge of German can be helpful for your daily life, but is not required for your studies.


Is industrial experience required in order to be admitted to the Master's degree programme?

During the application process for the degree programme you will be asked for evidence of an industry-oriented activity in accordance with the technical industry internship in the Bachelor’s degree programme in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Kiel University. However, evidence of an industry-oriented activity is not required to be admitted to the degree programme and your information regarding this question is not important for the decision on your admission. Although the question of industry experience is still being asked at the moment, it will be removed from the application process in the future.

Digitale Signalverarbeitung und Systemtheorie

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Michael Höft
Informations- und Codierungstheorie

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Peter A. Höher
Integrierte Systeme und Photonik

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Martina Gerken

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Marco Liserre

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Stephan Pachnicke
Numerische Feldberechnung

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Ludger Klinkenbusch

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Thomas Meurer
Sensor System Electronics

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Andreas Bahr
Vernetzte Elektronische Systeme

  • color_key Prof. Dr. Robert Rieger