Master's Degree Programme Electrical Engineering and Information Technolgy

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Enrollment in the international Master's degree programme Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (EE&IT) is possible for both the Winter Semester and the Summer Semester.

There is no open application period available at the moment! The application portal for applications for Summer Semster 2021 has been closed on 14th July 2020. Informations about Dates for the application period for Winter Semester 2021/22 will be announced later in the Year. Please therfore visit this website later again.


Application procedure for Summer Semester 2021:

After having completed the online application, you will receive a pdf-document via email. To confirm your application you have to send us a signed printout of this document to the address mentioned in the e-mail. The deadline for the mandatory submission of your signed printout is: 17 July 2020  (date of receipt) for applications for the Summer Semester 2021. This document is the only document you have to send us. Only for this actual ongoing application period it is a unique exception that the signed document may be send as a scanned version via e-mail to the e-mail address Please do not be confused: in the confirmation e-mail about the receipt of your online application and the further procedure it says that you should send the documents by mail. This is not necessary for the application process this summer due to the current Corona situation - an e-mail is sufficient. We do NOT need copies of the documents that you have uploaded for your application, e.g. degree certificates. If you are accepted for the degree programme you will have to bring the respective translated and certified documents when enrolling for the degree programme at Kiel University.


The following documents are necessary for your application. Please check the following list to ensure that you have all the necessary documents available. All documents in a language other than English and German must be translated into English or German:

  • Degree certificate of a completed Bachelor's degree programme and university transcript including a list of subjects and grades. Please submit the information about your Bachelor's degree, which forms the basis for your application for the Master's programme at Kiel University. If the degree certificate of your Bachelor's degree is not yet available, a provisional university transcript is sufficient. Your degree certificate must be submitted at the latest for enrollment.
  • The module handbook belonging to your Bachelor's degree programme or a comparable document indicating the duration, teaching forms, teaching content and learning objectives of the individual modules. If your university does not provide a module handbook, you can compile this information yourself. In this case, however, it must be clearly recognizable that your document is not an official document, but a self-created one.
  • Certificates for practical work experience in the field of engineering, e.g. due to internships outside the university or due to a job in industry.
  • Proof of English knowledge by the mandatory result of an English test. Among other tests we accept TOEFL (in case of the internet based test a minimum score of 72 is required), IELTS (minimum score required: 6), Cambridge Proficiency Certificate, Oxford Higher Certificate and International Converence ICC Stage 3 (Technical).
  • Applications from China, Vietnam or Mongolia will only be accepted if the certificate from the Academic Examination Board is enclosed (see here).
Furthermore, the Self-Assesement Form can be uploaded on a voluntary basis. However, it is strongly recommended to submit it. Without the form a timely processing of the application cannot be guaranteed and the application may not be considered.To be in principle admissible to the Master’s degree programme Electrical Engineering and Information Technology the applicant‘s Bachelor’s degree must not show substantial differences to the Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technolgy from the Kiel University in terms of scope and content.The form "Self-assessment of the comparability of modules" helps applicants and reviewers to compare the equivalence of the bachelor's degree of the applicant with the bachelor's degree from Kiel University and to determine whether there are substantial differences.

The form lists all compulsory modules of the Bachelor's degree programme Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Kiel. Information on the content, learning objectives and scope of the modules can be found in the corresponding module handbook of the Bachelor's degree programme Electrical Engineering and Information Technolgy. The data listed below is required.

Please have a look at the example for an illustration of the information.

How to fill in the Self-Assesment Form? Explained in detail here:

Examination Regulations: The Examination Regulations for the Master's Degree Programme Electrical Engineering and Information Technology can be found on the website under the following link.
Course Guide: Information on the modules on offer by the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology for the Master's degree programme Electrical Engineering and Information Technolgy can be found on the website of the Examination Office for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology under the following link.
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