Master of Science in Digital Communications

Welcome to the homepage of the Master’s Degree Programme in Digital Communications

The Faculty of Engineering of Kiel University, Germany, offers a 2-years International Master's Degree Programme in the field of Digital Communications, which is offered in English language.



Successful graduates of the Digital Communications degree programme, who have acquired a Master of Science degree, have solid knowledge of the fields of information and communication engineering (signals, systems and information) as well as digital telecommunication technology (coding, modulation, statistics). In addition, they possess a fundamental knowledge of numerous applications in digital communications, e. g. optical and wireless communications.



Graduates are able to purposefully address practical problems in the field of digital communications as well as in adjacent fields, to analyse and structure complex problems and to apply the acquired standard techniques to solutions. They are also capable of finding and realising new approaches on the basis of literary research. Furthermore, this develops the ability to generally scrutinize known methods and to extend them scientifically.

Graduates are able to present their ideas and results both orally and in written form, according to scientific standards.

With these abilities and knowledge they are equipped to work as engineers in the field of digital communications, e. g. in research or development groups in industry, as consultants, team members, project leaders, or scientists in academia.


Important information:

The program is tuition-free, as well as the application process.  The so-called social fee currently is about EUR 117,- per semester for students enrolled in the programme.

Mandatory requirements: All applicants need to pass the GRE revised General test (  TOEFL/IELTS test results are optional but not mandatory.

Applicants who wish to apply for DAAD funding need to send us a copy of the GRE test result when applying for a letter of eligibility.

We are sorry to say that a pre-evaluation is not possible.  Admission will be based on the complete set of application forms.

Due to capacity constraints, a selection process will take place on our side.