Chair of Power Electronics

Former Visiting Scientists

  • Ph.D. Alberto Pigazo
  • Prof. Alex Q. Huang
  • Prof. Costas D. Vournas
  • Ph.D Andrii Chub
  • Prof. Nimrod Vazquez
  • Ph. D Fei Jiang
  • Assoc. Prof. Chandan Kumar
  • Dr.-Ing. Nicola Blasuttigh
  • Dr.-Ing. Riccardo Mandrioli
  • M.Sc. Ehsan Hosseini
  • M.Sc. Simone Palazzo
  • M.Sc. Vincenzo Mallemaci
  • M.Sc. Alireza Pourfaraj
  • M.Sc. Faizan Mehmood 
  • Dr. P. D. Chandana Perera
  • M.Sc. Andrea Celentano
  • M.Sc. Shuyu Ou
  • M.Sc. Emanuele Martano
  • Asst. Prof. Ángel Navarro-Rodríguez
  • Dr. A. Kirubakaran

Ph.D A


  • Our research is focused on the design of high efficient and reliable PWM-based power converter architectures (single-cell, multi-cell, multilevel), their modelling and control to exploit commercial as well as new power semiconductor devices with minimum over design.
    We develop controllers for electric drives and we are particularly skilled in the integration of renewable energy systems into the electric grid.
    Please discover our expertise looking to our recent projects.

    HEART - The Highly Efficient And Reliable smart Transformer
    Further Research Projects