Internships are often compulsory in the individual degree programmes, but can also be a voluntary and very useful supplement to academic studies. The objective of internships abroad is not simply the acquisition of specialist knowledge. Great emphasis is also placed on the development of key social skills, intercultural skills and, of course, foreign language skills.


Industry internships

  • Database of companies (mainly based in Northern Germany) that offer industry internships. This database does not list available internships, but rather companies that generally offer industry internships.
  • The internship database of the CCI in Schleswig-Holstein.


Internships abroad

  • IAESTE internships abroad. In principle, IAESTE internships are paid placements. Organised through the IAESTE Local Committee at Kiel University.
  • Internships abroad organised through AIESEC Kiel at Kiel University. Opportunity for longer subject-related internships and shorter social internships. Remuneration and preparatory course.
  • Rise worldwide . Paid research placements for B.Sc students at research institutes abroad. Organised by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).
  • "Vulcanus in Japan" programme. Targeted specifically at engineering students. Internships are either paid or sponsored. There is also a cultural/introductory course.


An overview of the broad range of programmes and funding opportunities for internships abroad is provided by the International Center at Kiel University.