Research at the Faculty

Working at XPSResearch at the Faculty of Engineering is of paramount importance, in addition to teaching, and it attracts both national and international attention. Spectacular research findings and involvement in a variety of successful cooperations with companies and other research institutes verify the supreme standard of the scientists themselves as well as the students involved in their research. The results of the research show great potential for practical application in industry and in science. The Faculty of Engineering’s very high level of third-party funding associated with this proves the appeal of researchers from Kiel.

Outstanding third-party projects include, among others, the two Collaborative Research Centers

  • CRC 1261 "Magnetoelectric Sensors: From Composite Materials to Biomagnetic Diagnostics" ( Link ) and, approved in 2020, the
  • CRC 1461 "Neurotronics: Bio‑inspired Information Pathways" ( Link ).


Three out of five ERC grants in Schleswig-Holstein were awarded to two female scientists and one male scientist from the Faculty of Engineering, and back in the 90s Professor Hackbusch received the DFG’s Leibniz Prize!

On top of this, many more scientists from the Faculty of Engineering are regularly awarded various prizes within the fields of international science and the successful transfer of knowledge and technology. Several technology and knowledge-based ventures from the university have already established themselves on the market and document the success of scientific work in research.

The Faculty of Engineering participates in the following interdisciplinary research projects: