Industry internship



An internship abroad in a later semester (for example in the sixth semester) has the advantage that it is generally possible to continue the degree programme in Kiel without any interruption. Internships abroad can also be handled through the organisation IAESTE.



As with studies abroad, your best information sources for internships abroad are also Kiel University’s International Center and the professors at the Faculty of Engineering. For example, the International Center holds informational meetings every 2 weeks during lecture periods on the topic of internships abroad. However, since this information applies to all students, the professors at the Faculty of Engineering can add some subject-specific information, sometimes even naming specific companies they have contact with and/or with which students of the Faculty of Engineering have already completed internships. The International Center can also provide information about options for financial support.

Tips on doing internships abroad

The search for companies where you can do an internship abroad requires a great deal of initiative on your part. There are various informational publications that can be used to help your selection. The professors at the Faculty of Engineering will support you, as far as possible, in your search for companies. As was already mentioned in the context of studies abroad, starting to plan early is also important when planning an internship abroad.


You can find experience reports (in German) about internships in Chile and Sweden here:

Report from Chile

Report from Sweden