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Kiel University

Founded in 1665 by Christian Albrecht, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, Kiel Univesity is the largest University in the state of Schleswig Holstein and ranked within the Top 30 Universities in Germany. Today more than 25.000 Students are enrolled in one of over 180 degree programms, around 2500 of them study at the Faculty of Engineering. Kiel University focuses on four core research areas: Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science, Kiel Marine Science, Kiel Life Science and Environmental and Cultural Change and Life Sciences.

The Faculty of Engineering

the three Institutes of the Faculty are participating in numerous research projects, Competence Centers as well as in the Cluster of Excellence "Future Ocean"

Further and detailed information can be found e.g. here:  Computer Science ,   Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and Materials Science

Research at the Faculty of Engineering is conducted at the highest level, also in an international comparison. Students and doctoral candidates receive a comprehensive, advanced and modern education. Cooperation with industrial partners in numerous sectors verify how current the ongoing research and teaching is.