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Kiel is about 90 kilometres to the north of Hamburg and it is the capital city of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’s northern-most federal state.

At the end of 2015, the municipal registration office recorded a population of 246,269.

The city stretches around the Kiel Fjord. The port of Kiel is right in the city centre, opposite the main train station.

With approx. 1.8 million passengers (2015 statistics), Kiel port is the fifth largest passenger ship port in the whole of Germany. And once a year, always at the end of June, the world’s largest sailing event takes place in Kiel: : Die Kieler Woche









Enjoy watching these three wonderful image films about the City of Kiel! The films are great for providing a first impression of Kiel, its surroundings and other parts of Schleswig-Holstein!

1. 1. Image Film   (Small Town Kiel, A day in the Life of Kiel, by René Raab)

2. 2. Image Film (Seehafen Kiel by KSK Media for the Port of Kiel Company

 3. 3. Image Film (Kiel - Baltic Sea Cruise Ship Destinations |  by DW


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