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Information about teaching and studying in the upcoming winter-semester-2020-21 look here please


Research and teaching at the Faculty of Engineering is geared towards international standards for the subjects represented. The scientists working at the faculty publish their research findings in international, renowned journals and regularly present their work at international conferences and specialist congresses.       Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee

The knowledge discovered here particularly enriches the Master’s degree programmes which can be completed fully in English  Englisch :     


Master in Materials Science

Master in Materials Science and Business Administration

Master in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Master in Digital Communications (last possible application period ended in 2017)


There is also a wide selection of optional English subjects on offer at all three institutes, in addition to the basic German Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at the Faculty of Engineering.


Internationalisation officers

For several years the Faculty of Engineering has had officers for internationalisation elected by the Faculty Convention. These are Prof. Dr. Rainer Adelung and the deputy Prof. Dr. Marco Liserre .


Abroad with Erasmus

Students at the Faculty of Engineering who are interested in a semester abroad also have access to a wide range of partnerships with foreign universities as part of the European Union’s Erasmus programme.

We support you directly on this matter at the Faculty of Engineering’s Service Center for Students. Please feel free to get in touch with the "International Office TF", Email:


Additional and more detailed information

about exchange programmes you will find on the website of our International Center of Kiel University. Please feel free to contact our experts there!


Information about the Coronavirus

Dear staff, students, guests and service providers,