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Message to our students:

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Dear students of the Faculty of Engineering,

The teaching and learning situation in the last semester had changed due to Corona, and in exceptional cases it was related to teaching and preparing for exams. That is why the state and the CAU have included regulations in their corona statutes under §12 (repetition opening, free trial). The following section (Explanation of the Free Trial Regulation §12 of the CAU) can be found here:

The aim of the regulations is to determine whether the teaching and learning conditions of a module have been made so difficult due to the online teaching form that a free trial should be granted. The review of whether this was the case for a module should generally be carried out before the exam and we want to inform all affected students of this as soon as possible.

We will use the following procedure for the modules of the courses of the Faculty of Engineering:

1) Based on student feedback during the apprenticeship and the Evasys evaluation, all lecturers check whether the teaching and learning conditions were worse due to online teaching and report this to the responsible examination board.

2) If students have reasonable doubts about a satisfactory teaching and learning situation of a module, you can also register this with a reason either via the student council (preferred) or directly at the examination board. Please contact the examination committee directly or the examination offices. So that the applications can be processed before the start of the first examinations, the applications should be submitted by 21.7. to the examination committees.

3) The examination committees will examine the requests for free trial regulations and will decide at short notice whether a free trial in the corresponding module is appropriate. It will inform the dean of every application and decision made.

4) The teachers and students affected will be informed immediately if a free trial is approved. If the approval only becomes known after the module registration has ended, we will give students the opportunity to register for the corresponding examination after the deadline.

Please note that the responsibility for the regulations lies with the faculties / dean's offices and therefore for export modules from other faculties, other regulations may apply and our examination boards are not responsible, but may be able to mediate.

We are aware that this regulation will come at very short notice, but we have only just been informed about this interpretation of the articles of association.

The Dean's Office of the Faculty of Engineering