Committees & Officers


The Convention

The Faculty Convention advises and makes decisions on all faculty matters. It meets when necessary, but at least once per semester. Meetings during the lecture-free periods only occur for cases that cannot be postponed. The Faculty Convention meetings are open to university members, in accordance with Section 16 (1) of the Schleswig-Holstein Higher Education Act (HSG).

The Doctoral Degree Committee

Deals with all matters related to doctoral degrees.

Examination Boards

Collection of the Examination Boards for all degree programmes. Names the Department Officers for Teaching, Studies and Examinations.

Officers from the Faculty of Engineering in the University Committees

List of the members of the University Senate and the Senate Curriculum Committee, as well as other university-wide commissions and committees.

Commissioner for family affairs 

The Family Service at Kiel University counsels, supports and coordinates current projects and devises new concepts for family-friendly conditions at the university.

Equal Opportunity Commissioner

The Equal Opportunity Commissioner represents the interests of female members of the university and supports the University Board in its task to establish equality between women and men in science and to reduce discrimination against women at the university .

Occupational safety expert 

The Central Unit: Safety Engineering deals with safety issues such as measures to prevent accidents at work and work-related health risks, for the protection of all students and staff at Kiel University.

Environmental Officer

The goals of Kiel University’s Environmental Management are to save resources such as energy and water within the ongoing university operation, promote climate protection, reduce waste and strengthen biodiversity through fewer impervious surfaces.

Internationalisation officers


Representative for radiation safety


Authority responsible for appeal procedures


Student Financial Assistance Programme (BAföG) Officer


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