Diversity field of action

Verschiedene Menschen halten einander die Hand. Ihre Körper sind mit den Fahnen aller Länder der Erde kolloriert.

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU) understands diversity as a strength and sees the diversity of its members and affiliates with their different experiences and talents as an asset for the entire institution. All members and affiliates of the university are given the same opportunities in study, teaching, research and administration, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, religion and ideology, disability or chronic illness, social origin or racial attributions.

As the largest university in Schleswig-Holstein, CAU pursues the goal of systematically promoting diversity as well as equal opportunities and anti-discrimination with the approach of diversity mainstreaming in all areas of university life. Kiel University is therefore actively engaged in building diversity competencies and reducing existing discrimination. [Source: Diversity website of the CAU]

The persons in charge of diversity at the Faculty of Technology are:

    Diversity Officer Prof. Dr. Isabella Peters, homepage with contact data
    Diversity Officer Dr.-Ing. Michael Meißer, homepage with contact details

At the TF, we are committed to bringing the CAU Diversity Mission Statement to life. Please feel free to contact us, the Diversity Officers of the TF, if you have any ideas or criticisms regarding equal opportunity issues, anti-discrimination or related topics.

If you have been affected by or a victim of discriminatory behavior, we are happy to be your contacts*.

For more information:

CAU diversity website

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Gender Equality at the TF