Commissioner for Gender Equality

Ina Pfannschmidt
The elected Equal Opportunities Officer of the Faculty of Technology is Dr. Ina Pfannschmidt. She looks after the interests of female members of the university and supports the faculty in its task of creating equality between women and men in science and reducing disadvantages for women at the university. The primary goals here are to increase the proportion of women in all areas in which women are underrepresented, i.e. above all in research and teaching, and to develop measures for reconciling family and career or studying.
We represent each other. Please send enquiries to the following e-mail address: This way you can reach all three of us and we will coordinate internally regarding feedback.


Dr. Ina Pfannschmidt Tel. : 0431 / 880-4413, e-mail:


Frau Dr. Pamela Fleischmann, Tel. 0431/880-7547, E-Mail:

Dr.-Ing. Sandra Hansen, Tel. 0431/880-6180, e-mail:


Dr.-Ing. Kirstin Scholz, Tel. 0431/880-6055, e-mail:


There is a mailing list for sharing information on diversity, gender equality and women's issues and announcing events in these thematic areas. You can subscribe to this via