Central Services

The central services are part of the indispensable infrastructure of the faculty.



Service Center (Examination Offices)

Here we find the two examination offices of the Institute for Materials Science and of the Institute of Electrical and Information Engineering. The Center for Material Analysis is also located here.
Fachbibliothek Ingenieurwissenschaften

Engineering Branch Library

Besides an extensive book collection, the library offers internet research and provides support for literature search. These opportunities are expanded by different scanning possibilities. The Student Council runs a copier for students in here.



IT-Group / Technical Service

The two IT service groups operate Internet and Intranet services. The so-called IT group (ET& IT and MaWi) is located in Kaiserstraße, while the Technical Service is located at the Department of Computer Science.



Building Services

The responsibilities include inter alia building infrastructure, power, water and compressed air supply, air conditioning, lighting, cleaning, sanitation, telephone systems and key management.


The central mechanical workshop is equipped with the latest CAD and CNC equipment. It advises employees, plans and constructs components and orders material.