Offers for women doing Master studies

  • You think of doing PhD studies
  • You want to try out if you like doing scientific work in a project
  • You are enrolled in one of the faculty's Master's degree programs
  • You have got a Bachelor's degree with an ECTS-grade of B or better

In this case there is the opportunity to get a contract as scientific assistant (HiWi-Vertrag) for 4 month with 40 or 45 hours of work per month.

On this page you will find lists of projects and topics for the CRC 1261 as well as the research training group Materials for Brain.

If you are interested in handling one of the mentioned projects or interested in one of the topics please contact the named person.

Topics in the field of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Group Topic Contact

The Chair of Communications deals with various research topics in the field of optical communications. Focus areas currently are data transmission within and between data centers as well as long-distance transmission systems. For data center networks the challenge lies in using cost efficient components for very high data rates (e.g. 800 Gb/s Ethernet). To achieve this goal digital signal processing algorithms are combined with machine learning approaches. For long-haul networks the nonlinear degradation along the transmission line is significant. Very long distances can be bridged almost without distortions using modern signal processing schemes (e.g. the nonlinear Fourier transform). To reduce the numerical complexity especially photonic signal processing schemes are followed (e.g. optical reservoir computing). In all of the above areas student assistants can be involved. The working fields reach from (MATLAB-based) simulations to assisting in optical transmission experiments. All jobs are in close collaboration with the PhD students.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Pachnicke

Topics in the fields of computer science and business information technology

Group Topic Contact
Algorithmic Optimal Control - CO2 Uptake of the Ocean
Application of machine learning techniques to climate simulations
Prof. Dr. Thomas Slawig
Dependable Systems Algorithmic and combinatorial properties of scattered factors Pamela Fleischmann
Dependable Systems Experimental and/or theoretical investigation of the effects of randomization on the output and robustness of deep neural networks Yannik Potdevin

Topics of the CRC 1261 and the Research Training Group

Group Topic Contact
Logo SFB 1261

Various subjects in the field Biomagnetic sensing.

Further information on CRC 1261 webpages.


Julia Jedtberg
Logo GRK Materials für Brain

Materials for Brain

Further information on  GRK webpages.

Tina Kerby

For these students, the CRC 1261 and RTG 2154 also offer a Career Mentoring Program. More information on the websites of the CRC and RTG.