Sonderkolloquium, Prof. Dr. Raj, Universität Agra, Indien / am 08.06.2017

08.06.2017 von 11:30 bis 13:00

Institut für Informatik, Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4, Raum: 910 (CAP 4), 24118 Kiel

Titel: Finite Element Modelling and Simulation of Selected Bulk Nano-material Processing Techniques

Abstract: A brief review of the material modeling such as visco-plastic, coupled thermo visco-plastic along with mathematical formulation is presented with application to forming of Bulk Nano-structured Materials using Severe Plastic Deformation(SPD). The material is assumed to be homogeneous, isotropic, incompressible. Elasticity is neglected and the material behavior chosen is given by the Norton-Hoff law. A power law is used to simulate the friction between the die and the work-piece. The flow problem with a given temperature distribution is solved simultaneously with the heat diffusion equation. Using the Penalty approach to enforce approximate incompressibility, the Variational principle is applied. This finds the velocity field solution of the problem by minimizing the functional. The coupling between the mechanical and the thermal problems is obtained through the dependency of the consistency of the material with temperature. Being a non-steady state process, SPD is analyzed by using small steady-like deformation steps. The usual finite element method is used to discretize the two problems at a given state Ω(t), and in the axi-symmetrical case the interpolation of the variables is performed in the (r2, z) space. The SPD processes that are modeled are Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP), Twist Extrusion (TE), Accumulative Roll Bonding(ARB), Repetitive Corrugation and Straightening (RCS) and High Pressure Torsion (HPT). Finite Element Modeling and experimentation of these SPD processes is presented in this paper.

Prof. Srivastav

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