Kolloquiumsvortrag, Prof. Jacquelien Scherpen von der Universität Groningen (NL) / am 08.05.2017

08.05.2017 von 17:15 bis 18:45

Institute Ostufer, Geb. D, "Aquarium", Kaiserstr. 2, 24143 Kiel

Titel: Passivity based control techniques for (micro-)grid control

Abstract: In this presentation I will discuss some physical modeling consideration for grid models, and the various devices in the grid, such as synchronous generators and inverter models for the embedding of renewables. Furthermore, the (passivity based) control possibilities and difficulties of networks with such generating devices will be discussed, as well as control considerations for inverters. Finally, a more simple OPF control model for microgrids is considered in the analysis.

Prof. Thomas Meurer/Prof. Marco Liserre

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